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At People for Research, we have opened the floor to our community to give them a chance to share their thoughts and feelings about the current situation concerning COVID-19. Given the nature of the outbreak, there is currently very limited research on the socio-economic impact of the pandemic or the consequences on the population's mental wellbeing.

This study gives you access to the feedback of our community and breaks down the boundaries of isolation, at a time where information is often conflicting, and objectivity is questionable.

People for Research are the UK's leading user recruitment agency for the UX, user research and usability industry. Among other services, we often run high-volume studies like this one. We are offering this data for free to the public, as we believe this information to be relevant for everyone during a crisis.

If you are planning to use this data as part of your own research or article, all you need to do is quote People for Research. However, if this data is in any way useful for you or your organisation, please consider donating to The Trussell Trust or Meals to the NHS.

We are planning to run more rounds of this research and are currently looking for partners to team up with us. If you are interested, please email vicky@peopleforresearch.co.uk to find out more.


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