In a situation that has caused unrest, anxiety and foreboding for the UK population, at People for Research we have opened the floor to our community, giving them a chance to share their thoughts and feelings about the current situation concerning COVID-19.

Given the nature of the outbreak and the shift in priorities, there is currently very limited research on the socio-economic impact or the consequences to the population's mental wellbeing. This study gives the public access to the feedback of the community and breaks down the boundaries of isolation, at a time where information is often conflicting and objectivity is questionable.

At People for Research, we are fortunate enough to be able to run this without an agenda. Our insights team have commissioned the research in the form of a survey, taking a look at both direct and indirect responses to this pandemic.

Besides the impact on the economy and employments, the survey also explores physical health, wellbeing, and wider concerns. We will run this at intervals throughout the pandemic, and commit to both our community and the population at large to keep you informed throughout.


Given the lack of secondary data, we based this survey on our understanding of the virus to date, maintaining an agile approach, updating the questions and structure daily, in line with government guidelines and the population’s response.

The survey will keep being submitted to our UK databases to ensure we secure a healthy and representative sample size. We have secured an organic mix of the wider population, with a diverse pool of demographics, geographical spread and living situations. 

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