So far, thousands of people across the UK have replied to our survey and contributed to this study. We'll keep updating the data as new information is collected and analysed. For now, you can browse the following results and discover the highlights of our study.

 Health & lifestyle 

An overall look at how the UK population is being affected by the pandemic, including:
  • New routines
  • Impact on childcare
  • Impact on physical health
  • Stats on underlying conditions
  • Adoption of protection measures
 Economic impact 

The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy are obvious, but our study shows how they are affecting the population directly.
  • Concerns about income 
  • Concerns about employment
  • Actions taken by the population
  • Feedback from business owners
  • Feedback from self-employed professionals

 Mental wellbeing 

Although the impact of the pandemic on the population's physical health has been well-documented, the same can't be said for the impact on our wellbeing. Our stats show us:
  • How people are currently feeling
  • How pre-existing mental health conditions have been affected by the pandemic
  • A breakdown of their concerns
 Regional impact 

A more detailed look at how the pandemic if affecting different regions across the UK, including:
  • Demographic breakdown
  • Employment status
  • Regional impact to economy and employment
  • Impact on childcare
  • Regional impact to physical health and mental wellbeing


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